Supervision Services

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Supervision for Full Licensure

I know the importance of getting support in this field, and know the difficulty of finding accessible and equitable supervision. I believe that no clinician should ever feel alone, or without resources; this work is best done when we are all held in our own growth and healing by this community so that we can be the best healers to our people!

I offer reduced rate supervision for post-graduates and preliminarily licensed clinicians in multiple ways:

Individual Supervision

I can meet with you on an individual basis to discuss cases, challenges you are facing, and help you build a strong foundation to feel empowered as you dive into this incredible work.

Group Supervision

In small groups, multiple clinicians work together to hold each other, process challenges, and provide valuable feedback to help each other grow. This is a wonderful way to build your community!

Asynchronous Support

So much of our learning happens beyond supervision sessions, so I am able to offer support outside of these sessions to assure that you are never feeling stuck, or without help when you need it. Asynchronous support can look like secure group chats with supervision groups, involving me in sessions with clients, meetings, or case management, and anything that can help you grow into the most optimal healer you can be!

To inquire about supervision, or learn more about how I can best help you, please reach out. I look forward to helping you grow.