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  • Let's talk about it.


    Grab a drink, pick a cozy spot, and let’s talk.

    Talking about the things that scare you can be intimidating. Whether you feel like you’re dealing with something embarrassing, frustrating, tiny, huge, or just confusing, no one wants to feel like their feelings aren’t valid. Maybe you’ve tried talking to friends, family, or other professionals only to be met with dismissiveness and judgment. Maybe you haven’t talked to anyone because you don’t think they will get it. Maybe you’ve just taken the brave first step of looking for someone who you can talk to. Either way, I’m glad you found your way here.

    I like to think of therapy as a collaborative experience; like two professionals getting coffee together and learning from each other. I am the mental health professional, and you are the expert on your fears, goals, and life. When we meet there is no pressure to be anyone but yourself. Together, we have all the tools you’ll need to leave our meeting with a sigh of relief, and a clearer path forward.

    I’ve worked in a variety of environments with various evidence-based tools and techniques such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) that have shown me how wonderful each individual is as their authentic self, and how I can best support what makes you, you. Our work together will always center around your goals and needs. I keep my caseload small so that I can truly get to know each of my clients, and be a resource for them beyond just our sessions.

    If you’d like to learn more about me and the specific services I offer, explore the links at the top of the page. If you have any questions, or think you’re ready to take this journey together, send me a message using the contact form below. I’d be honored to be a resource for you, and can’t wait to help you become your best self.


    Jennifer Daigle, LPC, NCC