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    About Me

    I’m Jennifer, the face behind JD Counseling & Psychotherapy, LLC. I began my journey at the University of Rhode Island where I studied psychology, literature, and philosophy. I developed a passion for understanding the human experience, and helping others navigate it. I carried on my studies at the University of Saint Joseph where I was one of the first in the state of CT to simultaneously complete the requirements for an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and an MA in School Counseling. I worked in various environments such as schools, agencies, and private practice throughout CT and one thing became clear; fear, and the disorders stemming from it, is not well understood, and I need to shake things up.

    I made it my mission to create a business built around extensive knowledge in fear, anxiety, OCD, and related disorders. My mission is to both better relate to my clients and their needs, and assure that therapy is accessible, inviting, and valuable for all of them.

    About JD Counseling & Psychotherapy, LLC

    Throughout my studies and experiences, I’ve developed a few values that drive my philosophy and shape my work with clients:

    1. Problems and fears are an inevitable part of the human experience. They serve an important purpose by helping us understand the world around us and ourselves. People who have problems and fears are never “broken” and do not need to be “fixed” by getting rid of them.
    2. Happiness does not exist in the absence of problems or fear; they can exist together. Therapy does not involve ridding yourself of problems and fear, but helping you find balance by understanding what can and cannot be controlled, and using this knowledge to our advantage.
    3. Perception is key. This is not to say that our feelings are not real; on the contrary. Our problems and fears are very real, and sometimes they are out of our control due to circumstance. Perception helps us frame these factors into something valuable for us even when we feel we don’t have full control.
    4. Individuality is vital. As long as we’re not hurting anyone, there is no wrong way to live. No one has the right answer to life’s questions. As an individual, you get to make up the answer that works for you.

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